Daniel Lidström

Sandfjärdsgatan 94, 120 56 Årsta, Sweden

Phone: +46721581298 Email: dlidstrom@gmail.com

GitHub: https://github.com/dlidstrom


Curriculum Vitae

Goal:     To work together with colleagues in a creative environment where talent, high personal standard and good teamwork is expected and rewarded.


Work Experience


Software Consultant at Connecta

Developer at H&M                                                                                 2012–currently

Development of internal web systems for a multinational retail company, with thousands of users. There is a large focus on useability and intuitive user interfaces coupled with performance requirements. Rapid application development is achieved using automation, unit tests, code review, team work, and close collaboration with product owners. I routinely perform code reviews, mentor other developers (Swedish and Indian), and work to create an extremely productive environment. I have recently become joint-organizer of and presenter in a JavaScript User Group.

Developer at Qall Telecom                                                                 2012

Responsible for migrating a customer base from a legacy system to a new provider. Tens of thousands of customers and various types of phone subscriptions were moved, using MySQL as an integration point. Implemented an automated process that was tuned with unit tests to secure intended behaviour. Dozens of business rules were identified by close collaboration with domain experts.


Developer at Softronic                                                             2011–2012

Web-based insurance systems. Service oriented system architecture with integration to external IT systems. Delivered a new solution for customer address updates. This resulted in a fault tolerant daily-run batch service that communicates with a web service at InfoTorg (national information service). Delivered several integrations with 3rd party insurance systems. This was done by reading Excel documents and a large refactoring was necessary. Unit tests were written to ensure existing functionality.

Designed and implemented an interface for administering insurance conditions and terms documents. Took over responsibility for a portal where partners can register and manage bugs, requirements, and other types of issues. Issues were stored as work items within Team Foundation Server. New functions included reporting and viewing of hierarchical work items as well as improving the web design.


Developer at GpsGate                                                              2010–2011

GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles in real time over GPRS and SMS on a web based platform. Developed a template based scripting language with support for conditional expressions to enabled rapid customization to mobile tracking units with new communication protocols. Designed and implemented integration with an address and location service based in Singapore. Responsible for migrating the code base from CVS to more modern tools. After an initial study, the distributed version control system Mercurial was chosen and members of the development team were educated in the new way of working. The team was able to work productively with much faster operations due to the distributed nature of Mercurial. Implemented continuous integration using TeamCity which resulted in faster and improved building of daily deliverables with no need for manual work.


Technical Lead Hexagon Machine Control                             2009–2010

Embedded systems controlling heavy construction equipment for precise grade control. Worked in an international project, close with project management, developers, and testers. Performed pair programming, time estimates, and code reviews to be able to meet deadline. As a team effort, delivered 3-dimensional visualization of AutoCAD road models, a new mathematical model of the blades of graders and integration with a number of 3rd party data formats. I was appreciated by the team for my leadership, attitude, and positive mindset.


Developer Hexagon Machine Control                                    2003–2009

Software for surveying and machine control applications. Responsible for a C++ code base shared between multiple platforms. Delivered a mathematical road model using test driven development; a necessity to ensure correct calculations on several platforms. A significant optimization work was performed to enable continuous measurement and calculations on platforms with minimal computing resources. Likewise, complex data structures were optimized to fit within the memory of portable devices. Techniques were used to bridge platform independent code with APIs in Windows and Linux. This simplified development for the team and greatly simplified platform independent development. I was part of the technical reference group were decisions were made regarding future development directions.


Developer Svensk ByggnadsGeodesi                                       2006 dec–2007 mar

Making a compactor machine autonomous.

Part of a research project aimed at making an autonomous 8 ton compactor machine. Implemented a communications protocol and the steering and speed control of the compactor machine. After a couple of test runs the compactor machine was able to receive directions from an asphalt machine, drive backwards and forwards by itself, following a path, and make a small turn when changing directions. Project was cancelled after proof of concept completion.


Developer Svensk ByggnadsGeodesi                                      2003–2007

Office tools for surveyors and field surveying software. Responsible for developing functions for transmitting data to and from surveying instruments. Designed and implemented new features within the office suite. Parallel with development, took on a customer support role. Personal contact with key customers and the possibility to improve their working situation was both motivating and satisfying.


Summer jobs Skanska AB                                                         1996–2003

Worked as a surveyor assistant in Stockholm.



Languages: C#, C++, JavaScript

Software: Visual Studio, GNU/Linux, MySql, Sql Server, ASP.NET (MVC), TeamCity

Version Control: Git, Mercurial, Subversion, TFS, CVS

Systems: Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux


1997–2003           Master in Computer Science, Mitthögskolan Sundsvall

1994–1997           Naturvetenskapsprogrammet Natur, Högbergsskolan Ludvika

1991–1994           American International School, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia


Language Skills

Swedish                First language

English                   Good writing and speaking skills

Farsi                       Beginner



Driver’s license class B.



Available on request.